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Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant


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Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant

Our fresh,  Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant (Ethiopian Yellow Pages) healthy, traditional dishes are prepared with spices imported directly from Ethiopia, and cooked according to time-honored Ethiopian recipes. While Addis Ababa is famous for its authentic vegetarian cuisine, our menu offers a variety of poultry, lamb and beef selections.

Join us for lunch or dinner. Our décor will transport you to a faraway place where food is all about flavor, and service is all about the warmest hospitality. We encourage you to try a glass of Ethiopian honey wine. And there’s no more festive way to end your evening than our traditional Ethiopian coffee service, where we roast and grind our custom, imported beans — then brew each cup just for you.

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If this is your first experience with Ethiopian cuisine, you’re in for a treat. Our servers will answer all your questions and guide you through your dining decisions. Ethiopian restaurants have become increasingly popular over the past few decades. But to experience the finest Ethiopian dishes, there is only one Addis Ababa — the capital of Ethiopian cuisine.

Hailing from the East African nation of Ethiopia, the owners of Addis Ababa are immensely proud of their heritage. Our country is a beautiful landscape of vibrant green mountain sides, kind faces, ancient sites of nature and faith, and of course, some of the most succulent food on the planet. The food is eaten with the hands–a bit of Injera, a spongey flatbread made of Teff flour, is ripped off and used to scoop up a variety of stews that bring fantastic new flavors and spices to the tongue.

The hostess and chef is also the proprietor of this charming and sweetly simple establishment; her husband provides both kitchen support and serving assistance on the side. Decorated with large and enticing travel posters of Ethiopia, traditional handicraft and cultural artifacts, much homespun care has been taken to ensure an authentic dining experience.

One pleasurable particular of patronizing this place is the eager and educational attitude the owners freely share with anyone that walks through their door. If you have any questions as to the menu, the Ethiopian language, the spices used in each dish – curiously displayed in a side cabinet – the answers are cheerfully granted.


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