Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant


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Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant
Founded in March 2007, we are known for our excellent and authentic traditional Ethiopian cuisine. The restaurant is named after the first month of the Ethiopian calendar. It is the most favored month in Ethiopia because it ends the three month long rainy season and begins a new year marked by sunny and pleasant weather.

Meskerem is a symbol of new beginning, new life, joy and renewal of hope for all people. We want Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant to be a place to share that joy, where the community can come and enjoy out native culture, as well as relax with old friends and make new ones.

Ethiopian Cuisine
Ethiopian cuisine is not only a style of food, but a way to eat. Much of it is served atop of a large sour dough flatbread called injera. Traditionally, no silverware is used and the injera is used to pick up bites of the entrées and side dishes. Ethiopian Vegeterian PlatterEthiopian people share from the same plate which helps build the bonds of friendship and loyalty. Those bonds are often demonstrated in the form of gursha, placing food in the mouth of another diner. Ethiopian dishes are characterized by the variety of spices used in their preparation. The dishes also commonly consist of spicy vegetables and meat. One common Ethiopian meal is called watt, which is a stew-like dish that can be made from beef, lamb, chicken, or vegetables. Vegetarian dishes are important in Ethiopian cuisine, especially during Lent. Many Ethiopians are Orthodox Christians and are prohibited from eating meat or any meat by-products such as milk, cheese, and butter until Easter. A variety of dishes are made with lentils, peas, and other vegetables and are just as delicious as any containing meat.

Ethiopia and Ethiopian Culture
Ethiopia, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is the second most populated nation in Africa. It is landlocked, located in the horn of Africa with the countries of Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, and Sudan surrounding it. Ethiopia has been an independent since ancient times, in sharp contrast to most other African nations who have only more recently gained their independence. Some of the oldest traces of humanity have been found at sites throughout Ethiopia. The geography of Ethiopia has many contrasts. It not only has some of the worlds highest peaks, but also some of the lowest points below sea level. You can find everything from waterfalls to volcanic hot springs and deserts to tropical forests.

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