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Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant


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Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant-Ethiopian Yellow Pages

Queen Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant-Ethiopian Yellow Pages is a Sacramento-based restaurant providing authentic Ethiopian cuisine. Come taste our vibrant colors and spices!

We have been thriving in the Sacramento area for over 10 years. We take a great deal of pride in our from-scratch cooking with individual and very unique recipes that were developed and passed down from mother to daughter in Ethiopia for generations.

Queen Sheba takes reservations, walk-ins welcome, good for groups, good for kids, take out, catering, waiter service, and outdoor seating available.

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant Restaurant Review

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Nebyou Tefera opened Queen of Sheba almost two decades ago. We’ve always enjoyed coming here because the atmosphere is so friendly, with staff eager to explain how to handle injera, the famous flatbread of Ethiopia, and other intricacies of the cuisine. This is a great place to bring children for a food and culture lesson if they’re adventurous diners. Start any meal with sambusas, similar to Indian samosas, savory filled pastries. Ethiopian cooking utilizes lentils, chickpeas, split peas and collard greens, so vegetarians will find plenty to keep them interested and satisfied. Meanwhile, carnivores should focus on the lamb (yebeg) entrées. Doro wot (chicken) is a classic Ethiopian item, with its boiled egg and spicy sauce. If you like spicy hot dishes, look for anything that involves berbere sauce. There are some desserts, but we like to end the meal with an Ethiopian coffee service. For quaffing throughout, go for a beer, although traditional honey wine is on offer.

We simply ordered one regular combo for 49.99 for 5. Way  too much food for the four of us a few weeks ago.

It has Doro wot, the meat combo (yebeg wot, yebeg alitcha, minchet abish, / we skipped the tripe though) the veg combo, tibs (lean beef cubes) awaze tibs fifit (beef too) served of course with plenty of injera. The injera is bread like to pick up the foods.

This combo provided great variety of beef, lamb, chicken and veggie dishes, from mild to spicy. So each had a favorite,  but don’t ask which ones.

I thought my son would need regular fork to eat, which they provided on request,  but he got the scheme of things and dug right in too with plenty of injera.

We all had fun, and will be back.

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