Rosalind’s Ethiopian Restaurant


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About Us

Over thirty years ago, we opened our doors with one mission. We wanted to give Angelinos a taste of Ethiopia, from the freshly roasted coffee beans to the spongey bread to the spices and more. Experience a little bit of our home.

For authentic and flavorful Ethiopian cuisine, look no further than Rosalind’s Ethiopian Restaurant. This establishment has set a high bar for delivering delicious meals that stay true to its African origins. The atmosphere at Rosalind’s Ethiopian Restaurant is casual, energetic and one of a kind. The staff is friendly, inviting and quick to welcome newcomers and longtime patrons alike with prompt service.

While dining at Rosalind’s Ethiopian Restaurant, you can order favorites such as akara, plantains, lamb cakes, shifenfen, kitfo and fishtibs. There are also many vegetarian options to try; both the lentils in a red pepper sauce and the collard greens steamed with garlic are popular choices. Live music is featured occasionally, and larger parties are encouraged to make reservations to ensure prompt seating.


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