Tabor Ethiopian Restaurant


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Welcome to Tabor Ethiopian Restaurant

Tabor is proud to offer the finest in traditional Ethiopian cuisine. For the uninitiated, Ethiopian cuisine consists of selections of vegetable and meat dishes – flavorfully enhanced with characteristic Ethiopian spices – served atop injera, a pliable, spongy flat bread which serves as a staple of every meal and is made from nutritious, fermented teff flour.

It is a communal experience, with more than one diner typically sharing a large platter that contains a combination of various dishes to order. Ethiopian food is enjoyed eaten by hand , with additional injera served with every meal for this purpose. The proper technique is to tear off a palm-sized piece of injera, and with your fingers, use it to scoop up some of the food into a small bite, with the porous side of the injera contacting the food. You can enjoying several different flavor combinations by combining different dishes in a single scoop.

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