Tana Ethiopian Restaurant


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Tana Ethiopian restaurant is named after Lake Tana, which is located in the north-western Ethiopian highlands. It is the source of the Blue Nile and the largest lake in Ethiopia.

In Ethiopian culture, a meal is more than just nutrition; it is also a social gathering. Having a meal with a group of people is an important part of our culture. Ethiopians generally eat in groups and enjoy each other’s company. Here at Tana Restaurant, you not only get delicious authentic Ethiopian food, but also a taste of Ethiopian culture. So, stop by for a delectable feast of Ethiopian food & culture

Ethiopian food is eaten without utensils, only your hands. The staple behind all Ethiopian dishes is Injera (pronounced en-je-ra). Injera is a special type of flat bread made from a type of grain that is indigenous to Ethiopia called “Teff”. Teff is highly nutritional in iron, fiber, some protein and calcium. Typically injera is eaten with a stew like sauce called “wot”. “Wot” is a variety of stew-like sauces made from meats and vegetables. To eat an Ethiopian dish, tear off a bite-size piece of injera and grab some wot with it; now roll up the injera and wot and enjoy!

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