Tesfa Ethiopian Cuisine

Family-run place offering classic Ethiopian specialties in a warm, low-key atmosphere.

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Tesfa’s family originates from a small village in the southernmost part of Ethiopia near the border of Kenya. Drought, tribal conflict, and war forced the family to move from place to place and business to business to find somewhere better to call home. Through it all the family always carried hope in their hearts.

In Ahmaric, the language of Ethiopia, Tesfa means “Hope.” 
We all hope to find somewhere better to call home. 
We all
hope to provide something lasting for our family.
We all
hope to have something that contributes to making the world a better place.

This is our hope. Tesfa Ethiopian Cuisine hopes to contribute to making our community a better place by serving fresh, healthy, authentic Ethiopian food, providing a gathering place for friends and family, and sharing in the hope for a better tomorrow.

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