Waled International LLC


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Want secure freight shipping in Houston, TX and in other areas in the USA? Waled International LLC can take your cargo anywhere through top-notch air cargo shipping and international freight forwarding services in the USA. Air cargo shipment and international freight forwarding are valuable aspects in the trading business. Waled International LLC focuses on forwarding freight and other forms of cargo safely by carrying them in protective shipment containers.

Why Choose Waled International LLC?

✓ Trusted Freight Forwarder in the USA
✓ Top Notch & Professional Air Cargo Shipping & International Ocean Freight Forwarding Services
✓ 200,000 Square feet and Bonded Warehouse
✓ 20-acre Shipment Facility in Houston, TX
✓ Team of Highly Experienced & Skilled Freight Forwarding and Air Cargo Shipping Experts
✓ High Quality and Cost Efficient Services
✓ Speedy & Hassle-free Delivery
✓ FREE Quotation
✓ Serves Clients in Houston, TX and Anywhere in the USA