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Zoma Restaurant-Essence Of Abyssinia


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Zoma Restaurant-Essence Of Abyssinia (Ethiopian Yellow Pages)

Zoma Restaurant-Essence Of Abyssinia (Ethiopian Yellow Pages) is an Ethiopian restaurant established in 2005. We honor and continue the old tradition of fresh ingredients, low and slow cooking (braising) and balanced flavoring whileserving our customers in an atmosphere that’s modern and friendly.

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Amultitude of herbs and spices . . . cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, cloves, fenugreek, turmeric, coriander, cumin, rosemary, basil and thyme . . . mark Ethiopian cuisine thanks to its location on ancient trade routes. Each dish is simmered with its herbs, spices and “kibe”,

Ethiopian refined butter. The result is a delectable stew with complex flavorings and layers of taste.

In addition to beef, meat and chicken, the Ethiopian menu includes numerous vegetarian dishes.  The religious Christian and Muslim population observes a large number of meatless days and Ethiopian vegetarian dishes use grains such as chickpeas, lentils and split peas as spreads, stews or salads.  Greens also form part of the Ethiopian vegetarian diet.

Ethiopian dishes range from mild to spicy to extra spicy. The mild dish es rely on a multitude of flavorings such as ginger, turmeric and fenugreek, and are mild enough for most palates.  Spicy dishes are made with “berbere” – jalapeno chili peppers dried in the sun and ground with cardamom, ginger and other herbs and spices. Extra spicy dishes use “mitmita” – similar to “berbere”, but with bird’s eye chili peppers. “Awaze”, a special dipping sauce that traditionally accompanies meat dishes, is made with “berbere” and “Tej”.

“Tej” – Ethiopian honey wine – uses honey as its main ingredient.  The result is a slightly sweet wine which is widely used in stews and is ideal for marinades.

Ethiopian food is served with “injera”.  Injera resembles a large, sourdough crepe and is ideal for soaking up the sauces and flavors of the dishes. To eat, simply tear off a piece of the injera, dip it into the sauce and scoop your mouthful!

Coffee and tea play a special role in Ethiopian life.  Coffee trees still grow wild in many regions and the coffee brewing and pouring ceremony is still a favorite pastime throughout the country.

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